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I wrote an article introducing Miles Kane for our college ball. If you’re interested you can read it by clicking on the pic. :) 

Julian Casablancas, May of 2013
Perhaps this post is a tad obnoxious but I wish I was back on the French Riviera. #workhardplayhard
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“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
Roald Dahl, writer, 1978.


Hey! :)
I’ve entered a competition to become a gig photographer and this may be a bit cheeky but I’d love to win and my photo is a shot I took at a Vaccines gig in Kilkenny last April so I was wondering if you could post the pic with the link for people to vote for me. Thanks a million and I’m…

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Le Dôme Café. Montparnasse, Paris. 1920s.
Photographer: Eugène Atget

Ah Paris :)